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WAPA Membership Categories


A PA who is a member of AAPA (For WAPA elections, votes for WAPA & AAPA positions) $150.00 /year


A PA who is not a member of AAPA (For WAPA elections, votes for WAPA officers only) $150.00/year


A retired PA, Active duty PA or a PA employed by a federal agency (i.e. the VA or Madigan) $95.00/year

Out of State

A PA who is not residing or working in Washington state. $95.00/year


A student in a PA training program. Student memberships are $60.00 for 2 years.


A non-physician assistant (MD, DO, ND). $95.00/year


WAPA Membership Benefits and why you should be a member!

  • Reduced fees for 2 excellent WAPA CME conferences
  • 4 Quarterly newsletters with the latest legislative updates, PA issues/concerns and more
  • Job Bulletin: PA job openings in WA and the surrounding states
  • Your membership dollars help to pay a legislative lobbyist to keep our organization on top of legislative issues that affect all of us

Top 10 Reasons why YOU should join the Washington Academy of Physician Assistants (WAPA):

1. Healthcare reform appears inevitable and will affect PAs. We need WAPA in Olympia discussing the national impact on state healthcare and how it will influence YOU and your practice. We need YOU behind us.

2. YOU and the rest of Washington State has one of the BEST Physician Assistant practice laws in the nation and Washington was one of the first states to have prescriptive authority thanks to the diligence and dedication of the WAPA Board of Directors.

3. Most recently WAPA passed 3 house bills to broaden the authority that YOU have. YOU are now allowed to execute L&I forms. YOU are now allowed to sign disability parking permits. YOU are now allowed to sign state DOH forms.

4. WAPA advocates for YOU and there is strength in numbers. WAPA is one of the few state PA chapters with a lobbyist that represents YOU. With more WAPA members, comes more influence

5. YOU get a Member discount for registration at WAPA conferences.

6. YOU get access to the online job bulletin.

7. YOU get the quarterly newsletters and bi-monthly PA Practice Updates.

8. Two PAs sit on the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Committee (MQAC). As membership grows, that number could increase and raise the amount of representation that YOU have on this regulatory committee.

9. WAPA has a close relationship with the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) and the support from its Board of Directors. This translates to the physicians supporting YOU on key issues.

10. YOU are the reason WE at WAPA are here.

We are dedicated to the promotion of our profession and need your support for its continued growth. Each Physician Assistant in this state is important to our organization. There is strength in numbers, and we need to watch issues such as reimbursement, practice laws and work on continuing to publicize our great profession.

WAPA vs AAPA membership: AAPA vs WAPA Membership.pdf