2020 WAPA Lobby Day | February 5, 2020
PA Bill: House Bill 2378 and Senate Bill 6240 (formerly SB 5411)

NEW: PA Supervision Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9l-HW3fUMo

YouTube Videos on PA Bill
Short Clip (57 seconds):https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X_z2iyA8mFg

Detailed PA Bill Info (2 minutes and 20 seconds): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1HidYIDdRp4

Senate Bill 6240
WAPA worked with WSMA to bring this bill to legislation. 
PA Talking Points

WAPA Legislative Work Plan 2020

What can you do? Send a letter to your representative! Use our template, fill it out with your information, then cut and paste it into an email.

Template Letter:Template for House Representatives

Instructions on finding your legislative district:
Legislative district finder:  https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/
Instructions: Enter your address.
Your legislative district will come up with your representatives and their names.
Click on the legislator’s name that you want to contact.
A page with your reps contact info, including email will come up.  Click on the reps email address and an automatic form will pop up. 
Cut and paste your form letter (with your information added) and send.

WAPA's 2020 PA Lobby Day is Wednesday, February 5, 2020. We will meet up at the Governor hotel in Olympia. 

An agenda for our lobby day will be available in January 2020.
WAPA will set your legislative appointments for you.

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Message from the WAPA President
January 7, 2020
PA Lobby Day is February 5th | Join Us!


We continue to hear from PAs from all specialties affected by hiring challenges due to physician supervision requirements. We will continue to challenge the language and engage key players to endorse OTP. Who are key players? Your patients, your supervising physician, corporate employers and you. It will take time, money and influence. 

Legislative Day is fast approaching. On February 5th we need all hands on deck during this short session. Here are the three things you can do: (1) Encourage your supervising physician to write a letter of support for our current bill. (2) Your attendance on leg day. (3) Educate yourself and your colleagues about the current bill. 

We have a template letter posted on the website, if you cannot attend Legislative/Lobby Day then send a letter. Our bill will be going before the health and wellness committee soon and your support is critical. Numbers matter. Last year the capital campus was inundated by hair stylists contesting language about health insurance and legislators listened. Surely, this is equally if not more important. I would also advocate your supervising physicians write letters to WSMA in support of OTP. We must move the mountain of supervision language out of the current law, but that is for another time. It is not too soon to start the discussion. WSMA will listen to their physician and PA constituents. We are here to meet the challenges faced by all PAs in all specialties.

The survival of our profession is in many hands, we need you to help make the difference. 

Eileen Ravella, PA-C
WAPA president

Template letter/samples
For House Representatives: Template for House Representatives
Letter for Senators: Template letter to Senators

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December 13, 2019 | President's Message
PA Bill 5411 Revised Dec 13 2019 President's Message.pdf

December 2, 2019 | President's Message
You Matter! You Matter.pdf

January 2019
State of Washington | Health Care Authority Letter: Clarification on health home.pdf
AAPA HR 105 and HCA Update: AAPA HR 1052 and HCA Update.pdf


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